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Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Business Analyst Course Content

Business Analyst Course Content

1. Fundamentals of Business Analysis
Business Analyst Introduction
BA – qualities, skills, roles, responsibilities
Types of Requirements
Business Process Modeling

2. Introduction to Domain Knowledge
Domain Lists
Domain Terminology – Client comfort
Domain Certifications

3. IT Companies overview & BA Skills
IT Companies and Hierarchical Structure
Basic knowledge on Projects
Thumb Rule

4. Enterprise Analysis
Business Architecture, Feasibility Studies, Project Scope,

5. SDLC Methodologies and Models
Software Development Life Cycle
Methodologies – Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, RUP

6. Requirement Process, Planning & Management
What are requirements?
Characteristics of Requirements
Types of Requirements
Functional & Non-Functional Requirements
The Requirements Process
Planning & Managing Requirements

7. Requirements Engineering
Principles / Constraints / Techniques
JAD – Joint Application Development
Data Analysis
Creating Models, Scenarios
Interviewing /Brainstorming
Reverse Engineering

8. Requirements Analysis
RTM – Requirements Traceability Matrix
Change Management
Requirements Risk Management
Gap Analysis
Impact Analysis

9. Requirements Specifications
FSD / BRS / URD / BRD (Business Requirements Document)
Writing Functional Specifications Document
Rules, problems, use of terms, structure

10. OOA & UML
UML 2.0 – working with use case diagrams, activity diagrams, knowledge on class, object, state,
sequence, collaboration, component, and deployment diagrams
Working with UML tools
Working with UI tools

11. Requirements Verification and signoff
Structure and Grammar, banned words
Validations, Pre-Review, Review

12. Tools/Documents & Validation
Rational Suite
Various supporting tools
QA, QC, Software Testing
Types of Testing
Testing Methods
Testing Levels
Testing Strategy, Planning, Test Cases
UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

13. Interview Job Preparation
14. Topic-wise study materials

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